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Introducing the Hot+Mod, the first aftermarket heatsink for electric unicycles.

Optimized for the Gotway/Begode Nikola, this heatsink is a simple “plug-n-play” to install. Unscrew the speaker, unplug the wire, apply some silicone, and drop in the Hot+Mod.

Utilizing convection cooling, this upgrade is able to reduce the temperature the air inside the shell, which ultimately reduces the operating temperature of the motherboard.

The benefits of which include: more range, more performance, more efficient braking, and most importantly, longevity of components.


Everything you need is included. Only a philips-head screwdriver is required.


The Hot+Mod works with the following EUCs:

Gotway Nikola

Begode RS

Begode EXN

Gotway MSX/MSP


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