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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is GOD+MOD worth the money?
    The price of the product comes from these factors: materials, labor, R&D, and warranty. The team at God+Mod has sought out the highest quality for every component, by trying a few types of everything. God+Mod uses the highest-quality capacitors. Other brands, could easily be obtained for half-price but they don’t work for electric unicycles. Our team has tested many different capacitors, from many different brands. Low-Quality capacitors will fail after about 100 miles, and then the EUC won’t work properly. The God+Mod uses an EXTREMELY durable form of protection, utilizing multiple layers of materials, which are certified, by several riders, to be crash-proof, and waterproof. The God+Mod team vetted numerous candidates before finding, Quwinn, who is an artisan at soldering. He has over four years of experience upgrading automotive electrical systems. The R&D element is reflected in the fact that, in order to find the highest quality components: the team at God+Mod has to purchase lots of useless materials. Now that we've tested all the options, we can safely assure our riders that they're using only the absolute best. There is always something new cooking in the God+Mod laboratory. Every day of the week, riders across the world are full sending with the God+Mod. Some have racked up thousands of godmodded miles already!
  • What is GOD+MOD?
    God+Mod is a patent-pending performance upgrade for electric unicycles. Just plug it in, and it boosts the instantaneous power of the wheel, which makes it safer to ride over bumps, uphill, and in the cold.
  • How does GOD+MOD work?
    God+Mod is a cache for energy, ready to be used whenever the battery is not able to supply enough power. God+Mod supplements the extra load requirement, thus making the EUC more reliable when the energy is required, while riding over potholes or uphill.
  • Is GOD+MOD safe?
    God+Mod is waterproof, dustproof, and crash-proof. It includes a heat-resistant dielectric coating to protect the internals from any hazards that may occur during riding or crashing. The God+Mod also includes an internal fuse which provides short-circuit protection.
  • Which tier should I get?
    The best God+Mod tier varies by wheel and by rider: Standard: good for commuters, preserves a more traditional soft mode, and offers peace of mind. Pro: An ideal option for hobbyists who are seeking extra performance. Elite: Great for racers, great for advanced trail riders, great for jumps.
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