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This is God+Mod for the Veteran Abrams.


The Veteran Abrams is a highly controversial electric unicycle because there were many issues attributed to it, that proved to be untrue. After interviewing riders of the Abrams, who had multiple cutoffs, I can confirm that the EUC was manufactured with insufficient capacitance on the motherboard, and thus the best solution to remdiate this issue is to:

  1. Take it easy while riding
  2. Add Godmod  


This issue is not unique to the Abrams, as we have seen similar issues with the Monster Pro from begode. The issue is the result of a combination of multiple factors (1. Insufficent capacitance [aka capacitors] on the motherboard, 2. Improperly spec'd batteries (high capacity instead of discharge), 3. Large diameter tire powered by a strong 3,000 watt motor). These three variables combined mean that it is easy for riders to exceed the limits of the device and encounter cutoffs. God+Mod helps to mitigate this issue.

Veteran Abrams

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